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Le 5 October 2015, 17:27 dans Humeurs 0

Another Step Towards Reserve Currency Status In the World Gold Council latest quarterly report (pdf) on demand trends, some interesting statistics were revealed which generally show a maturing in the gold market, especially in the geographical spread of demand and mine supply. We learn that third quarter gold demand increased a healthy 6% yearonyear to just over a thousand tonnes. A strong rise in investment demand was the main driver of overall demand and jewelry demand declined.

DEMAND Click to enlarge This investment demand has helped gold outperform most other assets over the near term, delivering gains of 8% over the quarter and 15% over the yeartodate. What caught our attention was the nature of this investment demand, in comparison to previous gold market activity. The WGC reports that:

The increase in investment demand during the third quarter was notable for its widespread geographical distribution. Virtually all markets saw strong doubledigit growth in demand for gold bars and coins, with only three countries, India, Japan, and the US, experiencing a year on years contraction. These growth rates are all the more remarkable when considering the substantial bout of profittaking which accomplished the price correction in September.

It is encouraging to see that the investment demand base for gold is now well geographically diversified. Some analysts talk of differing business cycles Valentino Shoes unfolding in different geographies. As the far right column in the graph above shows, gold investment demand has a healthierlooking geographical spread compared to that found during the top of the last gold market in 1980 (second column in from the left), where the market was predominantly driven by North America and Europe. The WGC find this geographical demand can be differentiated in motives and goals, commenting:


Western investors were attracted to gold insurancelike properties, given the worrying developments in the euro area. Meanwhile, investors in the Eastern markets focused on positive price expectations for gold as well as its inflationhedging properties.volatility may Valentino Rockstud Shoes be being sated. Today no single country provides more than 14% of global mine supply, and China is now the world largest producer (13%), followed by Australia (10%), the USA (9%), and Russia and South Africa (8% each). As the WGC comments:

Valentino Rockstud Shoes the 3mm

Le 1 October 2015, 17:22 dans Humeurs 0

Intro: The CoasterLid. Machined with a 3axis Mill. Designed in 3ds MAX. The CoasterLid. It began it's life as a slab of acrylic. Using a 3axis CNC mill, it was machined into the perfect piece for office desktops. The Design. A basic drawing was done of the project and measurements were taken from a variety of coffee mugs to confirm dimensions. Design in 3dmax. The easiest step. A 2D mechanical drawing was done in 3ds MAX by creating shapes based off of concept sketches combined with measurements. Importing into Artcam to Create Machine Tool Paths. 2D Engraving The first tool path is created using the two circle vectors. Material needed to Valentino Shoes be removed to a depth of 5mm. Machine Along Vector Now that material had been removed to a depth of 5mm, the text could be milled into the new surface. Machine Along Vector The VBit is left in the machine for the next process. 2D Profiling Outside Vector. Finally Valentino Rockstud Shoes the 3mm End mill is used again to perform the final cutoutprocedureby using the 2D profiling tool.